Question: How Do I Turn Off FASTag Scanning?

How do I stop FASTag from scanning?

If you wish to stop using FASTag, call us on 1800-120-4210 to raise a closure request..

How can I surrender my FASTag?

How do I surrender my FASTag and get the loaded amount back? For assistance with the closure of your FASTag services, you can reach out to us at via your registered email id.

Can we pass toll plaza without FASTag?

1) In case you are going without a FASTag, look for the hybrid lane in toll plazas where FASTag as well as other modes of payment will be accepted. The ministry of road transport and highways has instructed that one lane on either side of the toll plaza shall be kept as hybrid lane.

Why FASTag is blacklisted?

This issue is a fairly common prevalence for RFID users. A FASTag gets blacklisted in the event the user fails to maintain adequate balance in their FASTag wallet.

How do you check if FASTag is working or not?

Check FASTag account balance with NHAI wallet Alternatively, the NHAI prepaid FASTag account holders can give a missed call on 8884-3333-31 to get an update on their account balance.

How do I change ownership of my FASTag?

FASTag is vehicle specific and once affixed, cannot be transferred. When you sell your vehicle, you can close your FASTag account related to that vehicle.

Can I have 2 FASTag for one car?

One person can purchase and use not more than two FASTag for one vehicle. In the case of using multiple tags, customers will be responsible for operational issues.

Which FASTag is best?

HDFC Bank – Rs 400: Rs 100 is the issuance fee. … Paytm – Rs 100: This seems to be the most generous deal to car owners. … ICICI Bank – Rs 500: The most expensive deal on this list. … SBI Bank- Rs 400 : This includes Rs 100 as issuance fee, Rs 200 as security deposit with a minimum balance of Rs 100.

How do I cancel my FASTag and get refund?

Call on Toll-free number: 1800-102-6480 and mention your mobile number against which the tag has been registered along with the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or Tag ID. The customer support agent will get in touch with you to confirm the closure of FASTag.

Can we scan FASTag?

You will need to download the “My FASTag” app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices. You can get it from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. … In the following page, click on “Scan QR code” wherein you will need to scan the QR code provided on your FASTag card.

What if FASTag is not scanned?

An NHAI notification allows for vehicles that have not been properly read by FASTag machines installed at toll plaza lanes to travel that particular trip toll-free. … 2018 notification, vehicles are allowed to travel toll-free if FASTag machines installed at toll plaza lanes fail to scan it.

Can we change FASTag bank?

Share. FASTag is linked to a registered Paytm Payments Bank wallet/account to facilitate instant automatic deduction of toll charges. So, if your FASTag is linked to Paytm wallet, which is connected to another bank account, then you can change the bank account and recharge the wallet from the new bank account.

Is FASTag a barcode or RFID?

A FASTag is a sticker that is attached to the windshield of your car. This is Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) enabled via the barcode and is linked with the registration details of your vehicle. That information is stored in the barcode itself.

What is scanned in FASTag?

It is a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag that is mounted on the windshield of the vehicle. After applying it, if your car passes through the toll plaza then the cameras on the toll plaza will scan it and the amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

How can I check my FASTag balance?

To view FASTag balance through Customer Care helpline, you can simply give a missed call to a toll-free number <+91-8884333331> (this is not ICICI Bank number). The mobile number should be registered with the prepaid wallet of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

How do I activate my FASTag online?

The online FASTag is based on the concept of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) where you can self-activate it by entering vehicle details in the ‘My FASTag’ mobile app. Android smartphone users can download the My FASTag app from ‘Google Play Store’ and iPhone users can download the app from ‘Apple Store’.

How can I deactivate my Airtel FASTag account?

You can call up our customer care number @ 400 or 8800688006 to block your FASTag account. Can FASTag be used for passage through toll plazas on the state highways? FASTag can be used on all toll plazas where it has been implemented. You can check the list of Plazas in Active Toll Plazas section.