Question: How Do You Handle Conflict Between Employees?

How do you handle conflict between employees and customers?

12 Conflict Resolution Tips for Excellent Customer ServiceAllow customers to talk.

Allow angry customers to talk and express their feelings until they release their frustration and calm down.Show you care.

Use empathy statements to show you understand the customer’s feelings or frustrations.Use the correct tone.

Be neutral.

Don’t react.


How do you resolve conflict between employees and managers?

Here are five strategies to help managers effectively resolve conflicts with employees.1) Detach from Your Biases. One essential quality that all managers need to develop is a strong sense of self-awareness. … 2) Actively Listen. … 3) Practice Empathy. … 4) Focus on the Behavior. … 5) Know When to Involve HR.

How do you handle conflict in the workplace interview question?

Top Traits to Show When Answering Questions About Conflict ResolutionShow them that you stay calm and that you try to understand the other person’s perspective. … Show them that you think logically and don’t take things personally or get too emotional. … Show them that you keep the company’s best interests in mind.

What are 5 conflict resolution strategies?

Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann developed five conflict resolution strategies that people use to handle conflict, including avoiding, defeating, compromising, accommodating, and collaborating.

What is an example of conflict resolution?

Examples of Conflict Resolution Skills Interviewing and active listening skills utilized by a human resources representative to define the nature of a conflict between a supervisor and subordinate. A supervisor encouraging empathy by asking opposing employees to describe how the other might feel in conflict situations.