Question: What Does AT Mean On A Title Plan?

What do the Colours mean on a title plan?

Blue, yellow and brown are all used to identify various rights of way and pink is often used to identify areas which are subject to covenants..

Is title plan the same as deeds?

But what actually are title deeds? Answer: If title to a property is registered at HM Land Registry, then the title deeds comprise an official copy of the Title Register and Title Plan, and copies of any documents mentioned in the Title Register that have been filed at the Land Registry.

Do Land Registry make mistakes?

If there are any mistakes in the documents submitted to the Land Registry such as details of rights of way and restrictions which may be recent or historic, the Land Registry will not rectify the mistake. Any mistakes inherent in a document provided to the Land Registry must be submitted to the First Tier Tribunal.

Why would a property not be on the Land Registry?

If your property isn’t registered, it doesn’t mean there is a problem with your ownership – it simply means there hasn’t been a transaction to trigger the requirement to register since it became compulsory for your area. … To sell an unregistered property you need to produce the physical title deeds.

What is the general boundary rule?

General boundaries rule This rule means that the precise line of a boundary is undetermined by the Land Registry unless an application is made for it to be fixed. Case law has emphasised that the boundary line on a title plan is just a general boundary and cannot show the precise boundary between two properties.

Does a title plan show fence ownership?

Buyers may expect to find the answer in the land registry title. However their title plans do not show ownership of property boundaries, so they are generally of no help. … In the absence of any clear evidence in the title deeds there are no hard-and-fast ways of determining who owns a fence.

How do you fix boundary mistakes?

Correct a boundary mistake on a title planexplain why you think there’s a mistake.include any evidence that supports your argument, such as certified copies of the deeds to the property.

What does a dashed line on a title plan mean?

When the general boundary is represented by a dashed line placed by Land Registry across a part of the map where Ordnance Survey shows no physical feature then we know that the general boundary is placed according to Land Registry’s faithful attempt to accurately transfer – into a blank space on the Ordnance Survey map …

What does Brown mean on Land Registry?

BROWN – drying green or paths; MAUVE – small areas such as bin stores and for garage forecourts in Scottish Homes Titles; GREEN – (with external red edge) for areas that fall within a red edge defining a cadastral unit, but do not form part of that registered plot of land.

What does a title plan show?

What is a plan? A plan can also be referred to as a ‘title diagram’ or ‘survey plan’. A plan is a diagram which defines the legal boundaries of a property on the date it was registered. Plans are generally developed from a survey on the land conducted by a registered surveyor.

Are Title Plans definitive?

It is important to note that the title plans show the general position, not the exact line, of the boundaries only. A title plan is therefore not intended to be a definitive record of the precise land contained within any one title.

How long does the Land Registry take to remove a restriction?

2 Answers. If you mean how long will it take for the Land Registry to process it and remove the restriction, usually no more than a few days if the application is in order.

How do I find my property outline?

Visit the county recorder’s office or the assessor’s office. Ask what maps are available for public viewing that include your neighborhood and street. Request a copy of any maps that show clear dimensions of your property lines. Use the maps for reference when measuring your property’s total boundary line on each side.

What does blue mean on a land registry plan?

The most likely answer is that the property straddles the boundary of two pieces of land included in conveyances of larger areas years ago and the “blue” area is subject to some covenants or rights in one of those conveyances that don’t apply to the rest of the title.

What is a title plan of a property?

In NSW, Land Title is based on a plan created from a survey of the land. The plan defines the boundaries of a piece of land.

How accurate are title plans?

When buying property, ownership of the vast majority of property and land is conclusively determined, under the Registered Land system, by the Land Registry, which is a Government body. … In other words, the Land Registry filed plan cannot be relied upon for accuracy, and is approximate only and drawn to scale.

What is title documents?

Every parcel of Torrens Title land in New South Wales comes with a Certificate of Title. … It issues Certificates of Title for each new land parcel in the state while processing, approving and recording hundreds of thousands of transactions on existing properties every year.

What is the difference between land registry and title deeds?

Title: Evidence of ownership of a particular person of an interest or estate in property. The main difference between the Land Registry and the Registry of Deeds is that the Registry of Deeds does not record official property ownership, and as a result does not guarantee title.