Question: What Is The Recoil Spring Weight For Glock 17?

When should a Glock recoil spring be replaced?

380, 9mm, .

45, and 10mm I recommend replacing every 5000 to 10,000 rounds.

I also recommend that you use only Glock factory recoil springs.

I’ve tried a few others and not once has any non-Glock-OEM recoil spring lasted more than 1000 rounds before it either broke or started causing cycling issues..

What affects recoil?

Projectile mass – The bullet, shot or shell fired from any size gun has an effect on recoil. The heavier the projectile, the more the recoil. Gun mass – The heavier the gun, the less the recoil. Speed of the projectile – The faster the bullet, shot or shell, the more the recoil.

How many pounds is a Glock?

Six Most Common Handguns in The United StatesHandgunUnloaded (pounds)Loaded (Pounds)Glock 191.31.7M&P Shield1.21.6Sig Saur P9381.11.4Glock 4311.32 more rows•Mar 23, 2019

Do lighter guns recoil more?

Additionally, the lighter bullet will spend less time in the barrel which means a faster recoil impulse and thus a bit more muzzle rise. There are other factors at play such as weight of the firearm, grip as well as OAL and crimp with both having an impact on velocity and consequently recoil/PF.

How many rounds will a Glock 17 hold?

The Glock 17 feeds from staggered-column or double stack magazines that have a 17-round capacity (which can be extended to 19 with an optional floor plate) or optional 24 or 33-round high-capacity magazines. For jurisdictions which restrict magazine capacity to 10 rounds, Glock offers single-stack, 10-round magazines.

Does a tungsten guide rod help?

I got a 22lb tungsten guide rod for my G20 Gen3. Highly recommend it. Zero malfunctions (about 500-600 rounds so far) and it noticeably reduces recoil. … Recoil is really minimal with a firm grip, but the muzzle flip is what adds some more time to the follow-up shot(in my opinion/experience).

What is the best recoil spring weight for a Glock 19?

11 – 13 lbA lighter weight Recoil spring allows for a faster recoil time. This allows the shooter to stay on target longer and makes target re-acquisition, Faster and Easier. 11 – 13 lb Spring weight is typically used for Competition Shooting, or if you are using a Recoil Compensator on your Barrel.

Does a heavier recoil spring reduce recoil?

So a heavier spring will not cause more muzzle flip. It will reduce it. Does it reduce recoil? No.

What does changing guide rod spring do?

Springs should primarily be used to adjust your pistol to custom ammo loads. Lighter target loads need a lighter spring to cycle properly, and hot loads need heavier springs. If you’re shooting basic factory ammo, stick with stock.

Should I replace the guide rod in my Glock?

The only functional reason to change to a metal guide rod on a Glock is so you can quickly change spring weights for different loads in competition. No Glock needs a metal guide rod, not even the G20. And like Voo, I run about 2,000 rounds a month in competition and use OEM guide rods.

Does a 9mm have more recoil than a 45?

While its velocity is slower than 9mm, what you lack in FPS, you more than make up for in a larger and heavier projectile. To its fan base, the . 45 is the best round for law enforcement and personal / home-defense and while the . 45 does obviously have more recoil than 9mm, that is the cost of increased power.

How long can a Glock go without cleaning?

You should clean it after each use, but it will still function like a glock even without cleaning. It can shoot 10k rounds without a cleaning but i personally wouldn’t do that. Supposedly Glock themselves have a pistol that has hundreds of thousands if not million rounds through it without cleaning it ever.

How long will a Glock 19 last?

With that in mind, how long can you expect yours to last, and what are some tips to make sure it grows old with you. A fellow firearms trainer of mine, Warren Breckenridge, has a GEN2 Glock 19 that has seen well over 40,000 rounds without anything other than (semi) regular cleaning.

Which has less recoil 9mm or 38?

38mm Special offers low recoil when compared to the 9mm Luger.

What is the stock Glock 19 recoil spring weight?

16 poundsFactory new production Glock recoil springs are 16 pounds. Early, non-captive versions of the 17, 17L and 19 have recoil springs of 10 pounds.

What does a heavier recoil spring do?

A heavier spring means less energy to your hands, which makes follow up shots faster. It also means the spring absorbs more of the energy that the gun needs to function – having to clear malfunctions does NOT make follow-up shots faster. If you are willing to make your gun less reliable because the recoil of a 9mm or .

How long does Glock recoil spring last?

As a base starting point, Glock recommends that we change our recoil springs about every 5,000 or so rounds. Smaller guns, or those with hotter loads (like . 40 S&W or 10mm) may require more frequent changes.

Do Glocks hold their value?

Clearly, Glocks hold their value well because they were designed for lifelong use. If you suspect that your gun is due for an upgrade, here’s why you shouldn’t be too hasty to trade in your old Glock. Additionally, the newest Glocks are strikingly similar to the older models.

What does Glock recommend for cleaning?

You will need the following materials for properly cleaning your Glock: appropriately sized cleaning patches; Q-tips; a good quality cleaning rod; a screw-on, brass, bore brush of the appropriate caliber for your gun; a screw-on, slotted tip for threading cleaning patches onto your cleaning rod; a two-ended, nylon, gun …

Why Glocks are so reliable?

They still have a trigger safety, drop safety, and even a firing pin safety. They prevent the weapon from firing unless the trigger is physically pulled. This is another reason why Glocks are reliable. … Because Glocks have been so popular during the past few decades, it is clear that people have not been disappointed.

What guns have the least recoil?

Best Concealed Carry Guns With Little RecoilThe Ruger LC380 Semi-Auto Pistol is a concealed carry weapon engineered for success. … The Kel-Tec PMR-30 . … Rock Island Armory spent three years to create a unique low recoil handgun. … The Smith & Wesson Model 60 controls recoil while you control a lethal threat. … Beretta Pico is a concealed carry weapon that manages recoil.More items…•