Quick Answer: Do They Check Military ID At Disneyland?

How do military Disney tickets work?

Simply take the ticket or exchange voucher you received from your Base Ticket office to a ticket window at any of Disney’s theme parks, the Disney Springs Guest Relations office, Disney Quest, or the 2 WDW water parks.

There they will check your military ID ask you a few questions and activate your tickets..

Do you have to show military ID at Disneyland?

Ongoing Military/DoD Disneyland Ticket Discounts Active duty and retired military, DOD civilian employees and their dependents qualify for Disneyland ticket discounts. Disney will check ID at the gate. … While the employee must purchase the tickets, reportedly anyone can use them.

Do they check ID at Disneyland?

Also, you will be required to show an ID if purchasing an alcoholic beverage while in the parks. You are also required to show an ID when checking into a Disneyland Resort hotel as well.

Can military dependents buy Disneyland tickets?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Non-dependent children are not eligible for the Disney Armed Forces Salute. … However, your child may buy the slightly discounted Regular Military Discounted Disney Tickets through Base Ticket Offices or via FedEx from Shades of Green or other Ticket Offices that ship.

How long are military Disney tickets good for?

These tickets are not like typical Disney tickets in that they do not expire 14 days after the first use. The 2020 tickets will expire on December 18, 2020. You can use 2 days in May and 2 days a month later if you like.

Can military buy Disney tickets for friends 2019?

The member for spouse must be present at Disney with their whole party to activate the Disney Armed Forces Salute Tickets. The only tickets that you can buy for someone else (friends, family, dependent children going without you) are the Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way Tickets.