Quick Answer: Is Towing Free With CAA?

Is CAA membership yearly or monthly?

Please note: A CAA Membership is an annual Membership, regardless of if it is paid for in one lump sum, or in 12 payments.

If a Monthly payment is declined, we will contact you with options to pay the remaining balance for your Membership year, either in one lump sum or continued monthly payments..

What is CAA Vehicle Return benefit?

Vehicle return benefit will reimburse for commercial transportation of the vehicle back to the Premier member’s primary residence when an unexpected illness or injury prevents the completion of your trip = up to $500.

How much is a CAA tow?

Drive You Home Tow is free for CAA Plus and CAA Premier Members and counts as one (1) of your allotted roadside calls during your membership year. Maximum of 25km. Additional km will be charged at CAA prevailing rates.

Can I call CAA without membership?

No. CAA Membership covers the Member, not his/her vehicle. To receive Emergency Road Service or other benefits, your friends and family members must have a valid Membership of their own – or you can add a Member to your membership as an Associate. Always remember: YOU are covered no matter whose vehicle you’re in.

Can I call CAA for a friend?

(CAA will accommodate you in extenuating circumstances.) Remember, your CAA Membership covers you, not your vehicle. So whether you’re the driver or passenger of your own car, a friend’s car or a rental, CAA has you covered with up to four1 service calls each year when you show your valid membership card.

How many tows do you get with CAA?

four towsTowing Benefits Classic Members receive four tows up to 10 km. Towing beyond this set amount will be at the Member’s expense. A charge per kilometre will be applied by the service facility to any additional mileage that exceeds a Member’s coverage (service coverage varies by territory).

Does CAA fix nail in tire?

If you do get a nail in your tire and need it repaired or replaced visit a CAA-Approved Auto Repair Service facility. CAA Certified dealers and facilities meet stringent requirements to deliver top-notch service for your vehicle for all your automotive needs.

Do you tip CAA?

When you contact a roadside assistance service like AAA and ask if tipping the tow truck driver is required, the service representative will tell you that you don’t need to tip. … Of course, tow drivers appreciate tips, especially if they make minimum wage or think they’re paid too little by their employer.

Is there a waiting period for CAA?

Paperless Options. There is a 48 hour waiting period for CAA Plus, CAA Premier, and RV Roadside Assistance.

Is CAA worth the money?

A basic membership, which CAA recommends for people who drive or travel infrequently, costs about $150 per year for two drivers. … If you travel out of town frequently or drive long distances, roadside assistance may be worth it, but check first to see if you already have it.

How much does CAA charge for a battery?

CAA Members enjoy exclusive battery pricing that’s cheaper than non-member pricing. Plus, testing and installation are included at no additional cost – a savings of up to $270!

Does CAA tow commercial vehicles?

Ineligible vehicles CAA North & East Ontario will cover some commercial vehicles. We do not cover taxis, limousines, or any type of vehicle for hire. For question about vehicle eligibility please contact caaautomobile@caaneo.on.ca.

Will CAA tow to my house?

This service is available for CAA Plus and CAA Premier Members only (RVs are excluded). Your vehicle will be towed to a safe location, such as your home, within the service region (tow of up to a maximum of 25 km) and we will provide a ride in the tow truck cab for you, the Member.

How much is CAA a month?

Compare All Membership OptionsCAA BASICCAA PLUSJoin TodayJoin TodayMembership Pricing*$74/YEAR$122/YEARAdd Additional Members forFrom $44/YEARFrom $44/YEARAdd RV and Trailer coverage37 more rows

What is included in a CAA membership?

Being a member pays off.24/7 Roadside Assistance.Four service calls.Towing distance of 200 km per call¹Free emergency fuel and delivery¹Lockout service up to $100¹CAA Bike Assist™¹CAA Rewards®Mobile Battery Service²More items…