Quick Answer: What Is A Strata Manager Responsible For?

Do you need a strata manager?


There is no legal requirement for you to engage a professional strata manager.

There are certain owners corporation functions that cannot be delegated to the strata manager, such as setting levies, electing the committee or changing the by-laws.


Can you run a business from a strata unit?

If you run a business from a strata lot, you need to obey the strata scheme by-laws and seek consent from the owners corporation for any alterations which will have an impact on the common property.

Can you do your own strata management?

You can definitely manage your strata yourself. There is no legal requirement for you to engage a strata manager. It’s called self-managed strata, diy strata or diy body corporate.

What can strata do?

Just like any property owner, a strata scheme is responsible for such things as the property’s building (not contents) insurance, payment of utility bills affecting common property, and carrying out regular repairs and maintenance.

What strata fees cover?

The strata fees also cover a ton of extra expenses as well, such as common services like trash pickup and snow removal. This makes being a homeowner a little less scary and far more enjoyable. You might have your heart set on you a traditional detached home, but try not to rule out condo units and townhouse complexes.

How do I find the strata manager of a property?

I suggest you first talk to your agent and if they are no help, speak to the landlord if you are able. Your landlord will definitely have information on who is the strata manager. If that fails, maybe take a walk around your complex and ask some of the owner-occupiers.

How much do strata managers earn?

Employees might start at about $50,000, while a more experienced manager would earn about $70,000. There are lots of side industries after life as a strata manager, including fire protection, window lock compliance and strata searches.

Can you sue strata manager?

Importantly for owners, if a strata committee is not meeting its responsibilities or is causing problems in other ways, it may be possible for owners to bring a claim against their Owners Corporation to compel performance of its duties, or for payment of damages (either under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW …

How do I complain about a strata manager?

Where can I make strata manager complaints? Is there a place where I can officially complain about his unprofessional recommendation? Yes, you may lodge a complaint with the NSW Office of Fair Trading and you may also complain to Strata Community Association.

Does strata cover home insurance?

Under a strata scheme in NSW, the owners corporation is legally required to take out strata insurance cover for the building, common property and common contents managed by the owners corporation. Strata insurance covers the following: … Reinstatement and replacement insurance for buildings on common property.

What is the job of a strata manager?

A strata manager looks after all common property at the strata scheme on behalf of multiple owners. They ensure common property structures and facilities are maintained and insured. They will collect the levies and liaise with owners and the Council.

Can you leave a strata?

All owners are always members of the owners corporation. They have voting rights and obligations to pay levies and comply with by-laws. Owners cannot ‘resign’ from the owners corporation. However you are free to manage your unit as you see fit.

How do I get rid of strata manager?

Any Owner or the Owners Corporation can make an application to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for an order appointing a strata managing agent and the Owners Corporation can apply for an order terminating the strata managing agent.

What makes a good strata manager?

You need a strata manager who comes in on time, resolves issues in a sensible manner, communicates effectively to appropriate parties, and acts with the strata’s best interests in mind. They must also have exceptional customer service skills.

How do you become a strata manager?

To become a strata manager you usually have to complete a VET qualification in property services (operations/real estate) or a short course in strata management. You may also become a strata manager through a traineeship in Property Services (Operations) or Property Services (Real Estate).

Is strata the same as body corporate?

Strata is the same as body corporate. In NSW, the owners of lots within a strata scheme used to be collectively known as the body corporate. The name was changed from body corporate to what it’s now known as, which is owners corporation. … The owners corporation is responsible for running the strata scheme.

Can you change strata company?

At the meeting, the motions will need to be passed by the majority of owners, either in person, by proxy or written vote. Once the motions have been passed, sign the contract with the new strata management company. Provide formal termination notice to your current strata manager.

What is unit entitlement based on?

When developers register a strata plan, each lot is given a unit entitlement based on what the developer believes is an estimate of the market value of that lot at that time. They are not necessarily required to have a formal valuation although typically, large staged strata schemes do.

What is an owners corporation manager?

As an owners corporation manager, you are appointed by the owners corporation to carry out its functions in managing and administering the common property. These include maintenance and repairs, collecting fees, maintaining insurance and keeping financial records.

How do I become a property manager in NSW?

Undertake a certificate-level course in real estate. To become licensed as a property manager in your state, you can complete a Certificate IV (QLD and NSW) or a Certificate of Registration or Licensing Program (all states).

Can you opt out of body corporate?

Next you can’t remove your unit from an Owners Corporation unless you have 75% agreement of the whole Owners Corporation to do so, Point 3. If this happens then another Owners Corporation has to be formed out of the old Owners Corporation which means a surveyor & paying for one.