Quick Answer: Where Do Game Wardens Work?

How do you become a Texas Game Warden?

Requirements for Game WardenAge: An applicant must have reached the age of 21 years on or before the date of entry into the Game Warden Training Academy.

Education: Applicants must have successfully completed and have conferred a Bachelors level degree from an accredited college or university in any field of study.More items….

How much does a KY game warden make?

Kentucky Average As of Nov 23, 2020, the average annual pay for a Game Warden in Kentucky is $56,618 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $27.22 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,089/week or $4,718/month.

What degree is needed for DNR?

The minimum educational requirement to become a conservation officer or a game warden is an associate’s degree. However, many agencies now require a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, environmental sciences, or biology.

Do game wardens get days off?

“With most law enforcement positions, officers work schedules where they are allowed days off and are not subject to job-related tasks or interruptions,” Cook said. “However, game wardens are required to be in an on-call status 24/7.

Does a game warden have more authority than a state trooper?

In most states, Game wardens are sworn law enforcement officers, with the same duties as State Police. They have the same authority as police officers and are subject to the same rules and regulations. … You might also find them in State and Federal parks assisting Park Rangers in the enforcement of fish and game laws.

What are the disadvantages of being a game warden?

Although the job has many advantages, there are also some significant disadvantages to a career as a game warden.Tough Work. Game wardens must be physically fit. … Exposure to the Elements. Game wardens spend a great deal of their time outdoors. … Risky Business. … Animal Instincts. … Salaries Below Most Other LEOs.

How many hours does a game warden work?

40 hoursWardens work outdoors in all seasons and weather conditions. They typically work 40 hours a week but may be required to work overtime as well as nights, weekends, and holidays.

What skills do you need to be a game warden?

Wardens also need strong leadership abilities as they are role models and are often the only law enforcement officers in the vicinity. Basic knowledge of conservation management, botany and wildlife biology is also an important part of a game warden’s skill set.

Do game wardens work weekends?

Working Conditions and Settings What you can expect from a career in wildlife conservation: Your work will be primarily outdoors. You will have to work some nights, weekends, and holidays. You may have to work in dangerous conditions, including severe weather.

How many game wardens are killed each year?

There were four game warden deaths from 1886 to 1900, and 21 warden deaths in the 9 year period from 2001–09. The most common causes of death in the most recent time period (2001 to 2009) were automobile accidents (6), aircraft accidents (3), heart attacks (3), accidental (2), drowned (2), and gunfire (2).

What is the difference between a park ranger and a game warden?

A ranger works for the state or federal government on protected land, such as state and national parks or forests. As a game warden, you work on state land to protect wildlife, educate hunters, and investigate crimes. …

What is a 4 year degree called?

A bachelor’s degree is a four-year undergraduate degree. Historically, the term “college degree” meant a bachelor’s or traditional four-year degree. It typically takes four years of full-time study to complete your bachelor’s degree—encompassing 120 semester credits or around 40 college courses.

How much vacation time do game wardens get?

Game wardens may start receiving eight hours of paid vacation a month, with accrual and hourly increases depending on years of service. There also several types of leave available to them including family medical leave, military leave and civil leave.

How do you become a federal game warden?

Applicants must:Be a U.S. citizen.Have a valid driver’s license.Be between 21 and 37 years of age.Have at least one year of work experience in law enforcement or natural resource management OR have a four-year degree in a related field.Not have any felony convictions and be able to legally possess a firearm.More items…

What is the best college for a game warden?

Traditional Fish and Game Warden Degree ProgramsUniversity of Georgia (Athens, GA) … Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI) … Montana State University (Bozeman, MT) … University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) … Duke University (Durham, NC)

Can Game wardens have tattoos?

Body art, tattoos, brands or images that are visible or may become visible while on duty or in uniform are prohibited.

What are the working conditions for game wardens?

Working Conditions Fish and game wardens mostly work outdoors in all weather conditions. They patrol diverse places, such as rivers, lakes, deserts, mountains, and off-shore regions. Due to the nature of the job, these specialized law enforcement officials often work in dense forests and thick brush.

What is the starting salary for a Texas Game Warden?

Pay and Advancement (as of 9/1/2019) Game Warden I (Probationary) $3,673.50 per month. Game Warden I (1 year) $4,436.83 per month. Game Warden II (4 years) $5,409.92 per month.

Can you be a Texas Game Warden without a degree?

You can’t become a game warden without a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. Experience in the military or as a cop may be an asset when you apply, but you can’t substitute it for college credit. You can apply without a degree, but you have to complete it before you start the academy.

What state pays Game wardens the most?

The following states have the highest, average salaries for game wardens:Illinois: $88,300.Iowa: $82,520.Rhode Island: $77,710.California: $76,240.Washington: $74,010.

What does a game warden do?

Fish and game wardens (also called conservation officers) serve and protect the public while conserving fish, wildlife and other natural resources so that everyone can enjoy them. They perform law enforcement duties, educate the public, and do search and rescue for those lost in the wilderness.

Is Game Warden state or federal?

Fish and game wardens or conservation officers are peace officers who are commissioned in the state in which they perform their job duties. They ensure that applicable Fish and Wildlife Codes are obeyed and enforce state fishing, boating, and hunting laws and any federal laws that pertain to these activities.

Do game wardens get to hunt?

9. What is the biggest misconception people have about the job? The biggest misconception is that game wardens spend all their time hunting and fishing. The good wardens and agents have no time for this as they are in the field managing the other nimrods out there during hunting season.