What Is The Best Moveset For Sneasel?

Is Sneasel any good?

Sneasel was supposed to be one of those Pokémon you should start using in Pokémon Gold and Silver, with very decent attack and excellent speed, but dark and ice (Sneasel’s types) were still special in Gen.

II and III and Sneasel has an abysmal special attack stat, which kept it from being useful at all..

Is Sneasel a rare Pokemon?

As many know, some Pokemon are rarer than others but just because one is common doesn’t necessarily mean that it appears everywhere all the time. Sneasel is one such Pokemon.

Who can beat Sneasel?

Sneasel is a Dark/Ice type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Fighting moves, and weak against Fairy, Bug, Steel, Fire and Rock moves….The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Sneasel are:Lucario,Conkeldurr,Breloom,Machamp,Blaziken.

Does Weavile mega evolve?

Upon undergoing Mega Evolution, it becomes darker in nature. It surrounds its home with the bodies of its foes, etched with warnings to others.

Should I evolve Sneasel?

If you can get one to learn ice punch by breeding, though, any level is good. It also learns agility at LV. 20. If you don’t want any of these moves, then really you can evolve it whenever you want and it’ll come out o.k.

What is Kadabra weak against?


Can Weavile learn ice punch?

Anyway, Weavile is in the Ground egg group. … Hence, all you need is a female Sneasel/Weavile and a male Sneasel that’s Sketched Ice Punch and any other moves you want it to know, shove them into the day care, get the egg, and voila!

What Pokemon has the best Moveset?

#PokémonQuick move1MewtwoConfusion2RayquazaDragon Tail3DeoxysZen Headbutt4SalamenceDragon Tail46 more rows

What item should Weavile hold?

-Life Orb has always competed with Focus Sash as the most used item on Weavile, as it boosts Weavile’s good attack stat even more, but Weavile has to be even more careful with its lack of bulk. The dark and (especially) ice z moves are another way to increase Weavile’s damage output for a big attack.

What is Weavile weak against?


Can Weavile learn knock off?

It can’t legally learn it this generation because Knock Off is no longer a TM. Thus, if you wanted to use the Weavile in ranked, you had to delete Knock Off from its moveset.

What does Sneasel turn into?

WeavileSneasel (Japanese: ニューラ Nyula) is a dual-type Dark/Ice Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Weavile when leveled up holding a Razor Claw during the night.

Is Weavile a good Pokemon?

Pros: Incredible attack and Speed stats, combined with good type coverage. Even if the foe has higher Speed, Weavile has some tricks up his sleave to move first. Cons: OHKO is always a very likely possibility when the foe hits Weavile. … Moveset: Ice Shard, Pusuit, Brick Break, Swords Dance.

What is the best nature for Weavile?

A Jolly nature is a must in order to outspeed positively-natured base 115s, such as Raikou and Azelf. A bulkier EV spread of 80 HP / 252 Atk / 176 Spe can be used to give Weavile the chance to set up on stray Ice Beams or Shadow Balls, but now Weavile can only tie with opposing Crobat….Swords Dance.TypeIcePriority13 more rows

Who is Sneasel weak against?

It’s Weak to Bug, Fairy, Fire and more Type Moves. However, it will take less damage from and is resistant to Dark, , Ghost, Ice Type Moves.

What animal is Sneasel based on?

KamaitachiSneasel is actually a Kamaitachi But its name implies that it’s some kind of sneaky weasel–which perfectly captures the mythical Kamaitachi it’s based on. The name is a compound of the Japanese words for sickle and weasel, and the methods they use to prey on humans will change the way you see Sneasels forever.

How do I get Sneasel with icicle crash?

You need a female Weavile to pass icicle crash, which would make a baby sneasel.

What is the best nature for Sneasel?

Adamant or jolly. re: Best Nature to have on a Sneasel? Adamant. Jolly just raises it’s speed but it could already have a high speed so the best is adamant cause I’ve had a sneasel with low attack, high speed so I’d recommend, again, adamant.